Group Coaching

Besides our signature one-to-one coaching session, Career Strengths Singapore Coaching also offer group coaching sessions which allow a small group of three to five people to receive coaching simultaneously.

No man is an island – so these people say – about receiving equally high quality coaching altogether. Is it any different from the one-to-one coaching?  Well yes – in a certain way, in terms of the focus, attention and depth of sharing with just a person. However, on the other side of a coin, group coaching is structured for a group of close friends, family or even colleagues. We will plan some activities and games to illustrate some of the points we try to bring across, as well as open up a discussion to a group so we can pick more brains!

As long as you are aware that there could some initimate sharing and that you may not have the full attention as much as you’d like to, we welcome you to enrol a  group. We will show you, that in a group, you too will receive a high-quality coaching session with FEL, with fun spontaniety and laughter!

Similar to a one-to-one coaching, we will draft your group a fee proposal so you would understand more on our coaching session before we begin. Please note that we will still try to customise the coaching to your group needs’ but please understand that as we said, due to time, we may not be able to meet the indiviudal needs’ as much as we like to – after all this is a group coaching.

To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to hear from you!

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