1 to 1 Coaching

Career Strengths Asia’s One-to-One Coaching is second to none.

Firstly it is customised specifically to individual so it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach (we are not a big fan of that anyway).

Secondly, it comprises of various techniques and tools which we painstakingly collate, test and improve to ensure they remain relevant and more importantly useful to the individuals we are coaching.

Thirdly, it typically takes about four (and a half!) sessions to get what we want (both you and us). Let us show you what a typical four and a half sessions mean:

Career Strengths Asia Coaching Sessions:

We always encourage our potential clients, that is you(!), to go through this stage with us first. We charge no fee for this session. This initial short meeting (normally 30 minutes) gives the opportunity for us the Career Coaches to understand your situation in brief, and for you to understand what you will be able to get out from the sessions.

Following the chemistry session with you, we will prepare a proposal for you, with the necessary information on the one-to-one coaching and the fee quotation. This proposal will put you at ease as to what coaching and associated results you will be receiving, and it will be to your satisfaction before we begin any proper session. Do not hesitate in calling us to arrange this meeting.

At Career Strengths Asia, our constant aim is to add value to your life, and whilst this is only a brief meeting, we guarantee you will still pick up a thing or two from us!

Have you ever wondered what your career strengths really are? Is it in sales? Is it management? Do you naturally put the needs of others on top of yours? You always wonder why you get the gift of the gab from?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we achieve much more when we are utilising our strengths in our careers – like putting fish back in the water and letting bird fly in the sky. Now how do we achieve that?

The first session of our coaching is about learning who you are and what are the patterns of thinking you have since the first day you understood ABC. And we will show you the relationship between your thinking and how they affect your career choices? Many clients have feedback that they never thought they would learn so much from us – about themselves!

The second session is an extension of the first – this time round we will probe further into other career aspirations which make you tick as a professional. They are namely: your career personality, career interests, career values and career passions.

The answers to all these narrows down what you excel and perform at your strengths – the thoughts you have which make you swim like a fish and fly like a bird!

We use some of the world’s most advanced tests and tools to ascertain your career aspirations. In addition to these, we have the talents to be able to pick up all the subtle information from our conversations and the outcome of  the tests which spell the intangibles characteristics which also have alot of influence on your career behaviours.

The first thing to the start of your session 3 with us is to celebrate! By this stage, you should already know about why you behaved the way you did or do, and the 4Ws which make you tick: Who, Why, When and Where.

Now with these, you are about to create  career identity in the same way that  company creates a brand name for a product. Oh yes you are a brand, a valuable one which sets you apart from the other competitors in the job market. We will tell you why you are the CEO of your own corporation and brainstorm with you on your 30-seconds “sales pitch” when your interviewer asks: “Could you tell something about yourself?”

Before we start the third session, we would also have received your current CV or resume. Essentially we will now work with you on creating a CV which truly represents your brand – a CV which you have no qulams about in showing off to your future employers, instead of the usual CV full of fanciful words which may seem too common in the employment market. We will also show you why a CV with your brand is the best way to bring you seamlessly through an interview, and more importantly gets you an interview!

Now that we are in the last session, we will hone your interview techniques and answer all your queries (and frustrations) on the kind of questions that may pop up in interviews. We will also discuss on the dress code which most represent you as a brand! Don’t a tie and shirt always work? Not really.

How to start a conversation in an interview or even professional network sessions?

What’s the best way to catch the attention of your potential employers?

Do I tell them the pay I am looking for?

How do I answer to the questions:” What are your weaknesses?”

All the above questions will be answered in details and we will go through with you what it takes to nail that job you love. After all, that’s the purpose of an interview isn’t it?

At the end of the high quality coaching you will receive from Forté Enhance Learning, you will also receive the following:

  • A Career Strengths Asia Career Development Report , which inclues:

An analysis of your career pattern themes

An analysis of your career personality, passion, values and interests

An analysis of the working environment you enjoy working

You personal Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your tailored FEL Career Development Plan

Your-Brand CV

A list of recommendation on how to market yourself in today’s world

  • A 10% discount in subsequent coaching sessions and in fee for Career Strengths Workshops
  • A free membership to Career Strengths Singapore Career Development Club
  • A mini coaching session on how to set up personal website for your professional CV and how to establish your personal web presence on Linked-In and Facebook.

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