Advantages of Speaking English

Learning to speak in English is a big effort. It needs time, money, energy and commitment. Why should you spend time, money and energy trying to speak in English? To know the reasons, do not hesitate to read the below article of Diego Cuadros – editor of English to Your Mind!

Many things have been said about why people should learn to speak English, today I want to talk a little bit about the advantages you could get if you learn how to speak English fluently, and about this issue we could enumerate a long list of advantages. On this article I’ll focus only on four.

Get better jobs: “must speak English” or “must speak English fluently” or “English communication skills are required”. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen the former phrases in a job offer living in a non-English speaking country and, how frustrating it is when you see the amount of money they offer and you think: “man! That job could have been mine, if I only knew how to speak English well”.

Imagine yourself getting that dreamed job and the big paid you wanted and all of that because you know how to speak English. Now, you don’t need to think about being an employee, you also can be a businessman, try to visualize your company or your business growing internationally because you can have dealings with companies from other countries. Certainly, there would be many advantages for your job or your business if you learn how to speak English.

Traveling: Language becomes one less barrier when you know how to speak English and you travel to another country, think about where you could go if you spoke English, perhaps Australia, England, the US, or many other countries, actually, English is an international language so if you go to a country where the national language is a different one, you still can communicate with people in English. Imagine yourself making friends from all over the world and speaking English, wouldn’t that be awesome? So why don’t you plan your next vacation abroad?

A new way to express yourself: When you become a fluent English speaker, you get the big possibility to express yourself in a whole new way, and when I say a new way, I’m talking about lots and lots of new words, different idioms and expressions, a new way to say things, you could even start a blog and write about anything you want in English.

More information available to you: Think for a moment about your carrier, is there any document, ebook, audiobook or a tutorial on the internet that you want to read? Well with English you get access to a lot of new information that it may not be available in your native language, this happens a lot to programmers who have to be constantly learning new things and much part of this information is in English, in fact, I would say that even most of the programming languages are in English.

No doubt that English is a whole new world of opportunities for anyone, so make learning English a personal goal for you, give it try and enjoy learning it, never do boring stuff to learn, try to always do fun things, also let me know what you think about this article, leave a comment and let me know your opinion, you could even write about some other advantages of speaking English.


Diego Cuadros, 2013

Source: English to Your Mind