Singapore Launches Employment Handbook

Date Posted: 29 July 2012

This handbook is entitled ”My Handbook to employment” and the key aim is to guide residents in landing jobs of their choice. What is impressive is that the guide is produced in four languages and  targets rank and file employees, as well as Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs).

This move to print in four languages is pretty thoughtful and appropriate in Singapore. However, this handbook seems to target a wide range of audience, and hence in my opinion may pretty much remain as a strategic guide book with general principles.

Of course this is fine if that is the objective the handbook wants to achieve. But in my experience what is needed to explore the next level of what you are really looking as an appropriate career would certainly take more than what this book can potentially offer.

For example, knowing self-awareness in a career search is important, as the handbook may also suggest, but the question is what kind of self-awareness? And assuming if you are fully self-aware, how then one use that advantage to apply to your job search?

Another example, as career coaches we understand individual interview styles may differ from one another and therefore generic principles such as “ten steps to a perfect interview” may not seem at not to bring the best in individuals duing interviews.

All said and as said, the book would remain as an invaluable resource to Singapore as a whole to increase the awareness of career management and career development.

Wonderful move, Singapore!