So you want to change your job?

Date Posted: 5 May 2012

A May 4 report on the Business Times Singapore says that 57% of Singaporeans want to change job in the next year.

This is hardly surprising, given that there had been reports stating that over half of us are unhappy with their current jobs. The article is here.

Surely you would want to change to a job which pays higher, is better and more importantly, plays your strengths to the maximum.Why is it essential to work in a job that you love? Read here.

Are you ready to change jobs? Not sure?

What is the KEY question to ask whether you are ready to move on? It is:

Are you utilising our strengths at Work?

If you are feeling that you do not have control over your current work, chances are you are not utilising your strengths. And the key issue is, why couldn’t you?

Regardless of the reasons forbidding you to be the best you could be, this might be a good indicator to simply say you might not be suited to this career. Afterall we all want to have strength-based careers.

So what is a strength-based career? Read here.

Let your strengths bring you to the job where you excel, feel good and more importantly let you fly above the sky!